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I'm currently studying at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand, majoring in Linguistics and Sociology.

Protests In Venezuela: Pushing For Democracy, Food, And Medicine

This week has seen Venezuela’s capital, Caracas, shut down due to tens of thousands of demonstrators hitting the streets in order to protest the current leftist government headed by President Nicolás Maduro, who has been accused of trying to cement a one-man rule. The protests, aligned with the National Assembly, […]

Argentina’s Teachers And Unions Hit The Streets In Protest

On Monday, March 6, thousands of teachers in Argentina hit the streets of Buenos Aires in protest, demanding better working conditions and salary increases. The strike lasted 24-hours, delaying the beginning of Argentina’s academic year. Demonstrators held banners of the national flag. Specifically, the teachers were calling for a 35% […]

Corruption In Romania: The People Stand Firm

Since joining the EU ten years ago, Romania has instituted a number of anti-corruption measures as part of its struggle to counter long-standing government level corruption. However, on 31 January 2017, Romania’s Social Democrat led government ruled that low-level corruption should be decriminalized and that corruption would only be punishable […]