Katie James

Crossing The Line: The International Community’s Approach To Syria

On the 4th of April, reports began to arrive of a suspected major chemical weapons attack in Syria. It was reported from observers, including the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, pro-opposition group Edlib Media Center, and many mainstream media platforms across the world. Military planes were reported to have carried […]

A UN Conference On Nuclear Disarmament Without The Nuclear States

This week the UN Conference to “Negotiate a Legally Binding Instrument to Prohibit Nuclear Weapons, Leading Towards Their Total Elimination” took place at the UN Headquarters in New York. The location is particularly poignant as the US has the largest nuclear weapon arsenal in the world and a president with […]

Death Of Martin McGuinness: From Paramilitary To Peacemaker

Sinn Fien’s Martin McGuinness, former deputy first minister of Northern Ireland and ex-commander of the terrorist organization known as the Irish Republican Army (IRA) has died at age of 66. McGuinness was one of the most prominent figures in the peace building process in Northern Ireland after the Good Friday […]

A War Within A War: Why Does The Civil War In Syria Continue?

The Syrian civil war has entered a stage of normalcy. The conflict, now into its sixth year of bloodshed, is a consistent feature of our nightly news programmes, newsfeeds, and Twitter timelines, though only now a major item when something particularly atrocious occurs. Yesterday, however, brought some tentative positive news […]