Author: Pasepa Katia

Climate Change And Indigenous Peoples

Climate change is a transnational issue at the forefront of the international community’s development plan. Melting glaciers, rising sea levels, and natural disasters have displaced thousands of people around the globe, and more are at risk. Indigenous communities are especially vulnerable to suffering the direct consequences of climate change. According

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The continued deterioration in China-Australia relations

The China-Australia relations have significantly deteriorated within the past ten months. This has occurred following Australia’s anti-dumping investigations on Chinese exports and China’s retaliation through trade sanctions on Australian exports, in addition to Australia’s concern over human rights matters in China. The Chinese Embassy in Canberra provided a list of

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West Papua: The Neglected War?

West Papua, a Melanesian nation bordering the island of Papua New Guinea in the Pacific, has struggled for decades to exercise its right to self-determination and achieve independence from Indonesia. West Papua was first colonized by the Netherlands in 1898. Indonesia was also a Dutch colony until it gained independence

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