Katrina Hope

About Katrina Hope

Katrina is currently studying a Master of Laws in International Law and Politics at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand.

The Impact Of Systematic Racism On African-American Infant And Maternal Morality: An Ignored Health Crisis

The Crisis In the United States (US), African-American women and infants are currently suffering from a major health crisis that continues to be ignored by the government. This crisis is the black-white divide that exists in both infant and maternal morality. A comparison of most statistics displays just how disturbing […]

Worldwide Threats To Press Freedom On The Rise

The newly released 2018 World Press Freedom Index shows increased global pressure on the media and hostility towards journalists. The annual report by Reporters Without Borders (RSF) reflects the state of journalism internationally. According to the index, journalists face more hatred and violence than last year and not only in […]

U.S-North Korea Talks May Signal Hope For Denuclearization And Peace

It has been confirmed by both the US and North Korea that Kim Jong Un is willing to meet and talk with US President Donald Trump about North Korea’s willingness to denuclearize. US officials claim that North Korea has already communicated with South Korea that it is prepared to address […]