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Joshua graduated with a Masters Degree in International Relations from Griffith University, and seeks to now share what he's learned in an ever-changing world. He is passionate about History, Politics and International affairs.

Taiwanese Anti-China Sentiment: Growing Resentment With Maintaining The Status Quo

Earlier this year, Taiwanese Anti-China Sentiment has dramatically increased following China’s claims for reunification with the island nation. This sentiment has materialized into protests organized by those who are against possible reunification of Taiwan with Beijing. Thousands gathered outside of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) office in Taipei, the capital city of […]

Ceasefire Called Between Rebels And Syrian Government At Deraa

With the taking of the Nasib Crossing, a ceasefire agreement between Syrian government and rebel forces has finally been declared. The ceasefire was heralded by the approach of armoured cars heading toward the Nasib-Jaber border that bore flags from both Syrian and Russian forces. Hours earlier, Rebel fighters reached an […]

The Dangers Of Distrust: The Failure Of The Six Party Talks

With the approach of the Singapore Summit, the world is now closer than ever to the possibility of a peaceful resolution to the ongoing tensions between North Korea and its Southern neighbour. However, while President Donald Trump is set to in talks with the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un […]

A Change Of Heart: President Trump Set To Attend Singapore Summit

President Trump has recently announced his plans to attend the scheduled Singapore Summit with leaders from North and South Korea. The President’s claim comes almost a week after he explained that the United States wouldn’t be attending the Summit. That announcement was made after an aggressive public statement by Pyongyang, […]