Jennifer Brown

About Jennifer Brown

Jennifer Brown is a senior at Arcadia University outside Philadelphia, PA. She hopes to pursue graduate studies in Contemporary Literature.

Libya’s Immigrant Crisis

Migration of immigrants from Africa across the Mediterranean sea has been a problem for many consecutive years. Most of these immigrants travel through Libya, one of the easiest but also most dangerous routes to reach the sea. Because of this, Libya has been trying to stem the flow of immigrants […]

UN Urged To Add Afghan Forces To List Of Violators Of Childrens’ Rights

The Watchlist on Children in Armed Conflict released a report titled “Every Clinic is on the Frontline: The Impact on Children of Attacks on Health Care in Afghanistan” on Monday, March 6. This report evaluates the deleterious impact on children of attacks on health care clinics and personnel between January […]

South Sudan Military Officials Resign Over “War Crimes”

Two high ranking military officials resigned from the army in South Sudan last week; Brigadier General Henry Oyay Nyago, former judge advocate of the army, and Colonel Khalid Ono Loki, former head of the military courts. Each man’s resignation letter accused President Salva Kiir of corruption and ethnic bias. This […]