Isobel McDonald

International Women’s Day: Time To Reflect On The Status Of Our Most Vulnerable Women

Another International Women’s Day has come and gone. Being so, it is appropriate to examine the status of refugee and asylum-seeker women, arguably the most disadvantaged and vulnerable groups in the world. Of the estimated 60 million refugees, asylum-seekers and internationally displaced persons worldwide, over half are women and children. […]

Amnesty International Releases Report On Human Rights Abuses In The Caribbean

Amnesty International heavily criticised Caribbean countries for human rights abuses, especially Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and The Bahamas in their Annual Report on the state of the World’s human rights that was released last week. In fact, countries all across the Americas were condemned for their treatment of undocumented migrants […]

Refugees And The Right: What Steve Bannon’s Appointment Means For Refugees And Asylum Seekers

President Trump’s infamous Muslim ban, the apogee of his anti-Islam campaign rhetoric has rightly attracted criticism and analysis in the three weeks since the executive order was signed on January 27. The order barred citizens from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen from entry into the US for 90 […]

Venezuelan Government Cracks Down On Media Reporting

CNN’s Spanish-language service in Venezuela has been shut down after President Nicolás Maduro accused the broadcaster of “meddling in Venezuelan affairs.” The closure comes as US-Venezuela tension worsens, after the US Department of the Treasury ordered sanctions against Vice President Tareck El Aisammi, accusing him of drug trafficking and links […]

Battle For Mosul Will Be A Humanitarian Disaster

Mosul is the last major Iraqi city remaining under ISIS’ control. After coming under ISIS’s control in June 2014, the coalition, on October 17, launched an attack to liberate the strategically-located city. US military officials estimate that there are 5,000 ISIS fighters in Mosul, whereas ISIS supports say there are 7,000. Either […]

U.S. Allows 9/11 Victims’ Families To Sue Saudi Arabia

The passage of 9/11 Victims Compensation legislation through the US Congress risks the stability of the international legal order, experts have warned. Passing the Senate easily in May, Congress overrode President Obama’s veto to pass the Bill on September 29. The Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA) allows families […]