Isabel Slingerland

About Isabel Slingerland

Isabel is a second year student at Emory University who is majoring in Creative Writing and Anthropology. She has always been interested in pursuing a career that will allow her to speak for those who find themselves voiceless in this war torn world, which is why she works for The OWP as a correspondent in the American division. Her interests include international politics, human rights injustices, and the prison system in America.

6,000 Palestinian Children Jailed By Israel Since 2015 1

A recent report released by the Palestinian Prisoners’ Association details how Israeli troops have been subjecting a large number of Palestinian children to unwarranted arrests and maltreatment. The report discusses one number that has been especially shocking to readers: 6,000 Palestinian children have been detained by Israeli police forces since […]

Venezuela Crisis Intensifies 1

Crowds of people have taken to the streets in Venezuela’s capital, Caracas, this past week in support and opposition of President Nicolas Maduro. After a recent nationwide blackout, anti-government protesters answered opposition leader Juan Guaido’s call for action against the president. Guaido urged protesters to demand that Maduro step down […]

India’s Lower House Passes Citizenship Bill That Excludes Muslims

On Tuesday, January 8th, India’s lower house of congress approved a bill that would grant residency and citizenship to a number of currently illegal migrants. The bill seeks to gain rights for people who migrated illegally to India from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan. This bill amends the preexisting law in […]

Salvadoran Woman Accused of Trying to Abort Rapist’s Baby Freed

             On Monday, December 17th, Imelda Cortez, a rape survivor, was released from prison after a judge found her not guilty on reduced her charges. Imelda was initially found guilty and charged with attempted aggravated homicide after doctors thought she had tried to have an abortion. The law in El […]

Israeli Air Raids Kill Seven Palestinians As Gaza Tensions Continue To Rise

On Sunday, November 11th, a covert Israeli operation attack in the Gaza strip left at least seven Palestinians dead and a Hamas television station in shambles. Tal Russo, a former Israeli military commander in charge of the attacks, claimed that it was an intelligence mission and not an attempt to […]

Bolsonaro Wants To ‘Cleanse’ Brazil of Left-Wing ‘Criminals’

On Sunday, October 21st, Jair Bolsonaro, the frontrunner in Brazil’s presidential election, gave a chilling 10-minute speech that detailed his plans to rid the country of left-wing “criminals.” Bolsonaro is a former army captain whose campaign is supported by the disillusionment and anger felt by Brazilian voters towards the political status […]

Deadline Passes For Syria’s Idlib Buffer Without Fighters Leaving

On Monday, October 15th, the deadline for militant groups to move out of the rebel-controlled area of Idlib, Syria passed. The radical military groups there did not move, and the Russian-Turkish deal that created this deadline was disregarded. This deal was implemented in order to weaken the offensive fronts of […]