Haylee Isaacs

United States Sanctions Against Iran Revive Historic Tensions

Citizens of Iran have gathered in Tehran this week, commemorating the 39th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution. November 4th is an annual celebration in Iran; a demonstration symbolising unity and coherence, independence, the Islamic Republic and the ‘struggle against arrogance’, Iran Press reports. But this year the day coincides with fresh […]

The Central American Caravan Shows Failures In Solutions To Refugee Crisis

The Central American Caravan passing through Guatemala and Mexico has exposed an increasing global problem: how the international community is reacting to increasing numbers of displaced persons. Similar situations have occurred globally, from Syria and Myanmar to Australia. There is a real problem when nations take a path of prevention […]

Immigrants And Asylum Seekers Detained Indeterminately In The United Kingdom Despite Being Ruled Unlawful

The United Kingdom is currently under scrutiny for continuing indeterminate detention sentences for migrants and asylum seekers despite violations to human rights. A recent survey conducted by the Guardian has shown that 84% of migrant detainees in the U.K. have no idea when they will be released; with many of them being […]