Gabriella Palma

About Gabriella Palma

I am currently studying at the University of Colorado at Boulder though originally from San Diego, California. A rising senior, I am completing my bachelors in International Affairs with a concentration on Latin America while also pursuing an International Media certificate which focuses on Journalism. I am passionate about topics regarding immigration, Latin American relations, and social justice issues. I believe raising awareness on these issues through organizations like OWP is the first step towards inciting real change.

Cubans’ Surge Of Social Media Usage Brings Possibility Of Political Change

In our increasingly wireless and internet savvy world, we are hard-pressed to find countries who have not caved to the social media trend. Years behind the technological obsession that Western countries have had for generations, Cubans have recently experienced a surge in internet accessibility and usage. This has brought a […]

Russian Air Force Planes Land In Venezuela

Just earlier this week, a Russian Air Force jet arrived in Venezuela’s main airport in Caracas city. This has caught the watchful eye of many major countries as the Russian-Venezuelan relationship could pose a danger to democracies globally. Venezuela’s state has been suffering since 2014, caused mainly by the rocky […]

China Rejects Turkey’s Uighur Criticism While Denying Poet’s Death

Chinese officials are under fire due to claims from Turkey saying Uighur poet, Abdurehim Heyit, was killed under their custody. Turkey has long criticized China for its treatment of the Uighurs living in Xinjiang, though the Chinese have been quick to dispute their criticisms. Last Sunday, a video was released […]