Emily Sunderland

About Emily Sunderland

Emily has graduated with a Masters in International Studies from the University of Queensland. She is passionate about resource shortages and abolishing nuclear weapons.

Environmental Activists Deaths Invoke Painful Reminders Of Gambia’s Dark Past

Invoking painful memories of the previous Gambian Government, three environmental activists were killed during clashes that erupted between Gambian paramilitary forces and activists in Faraba Banta, south of the capital Banjul. Activists were peacefully protesting on June 18th against Julakay Sand Mining, a company that many residents argue is destroying […]

Security Forces Acting As Death Squads In Angola

Despite Angola ending the nearly four-decade rule of Jose Eduardo dos Santos’ repressive and violent regime, reports of extrajudicial killings by the Angolan Criminal Investigation Service (SIC) continue to worry human rights groups. Video footage captured by a bystander has been highly circulated on social media and shows members of […]

Liberia’s Security Priorities During UNMIL’s Fragile Transition

In a pivotal moment for Liberia, the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) has successfully completed its mandate after 15 years of assisting and supporting the nation in its transition from violent conflict to long-lasting peace and democracy. With Liberia now looking to secure a stable future, the United Nations […]

Oil Revenue Continues To Fund South Sudan War

A new investigation into South Sudan’s violent conflict marred with famine and a trail of atrocities has revealed that Sudan’s political leadership is routing millions of dollars from oil revenues to fund the ongoing four-year civil war. Documents reviewed by Global Witness, an organisation that fights exploration of natural resources, […]

US-North Korea Summit: Small Steps But No Breakthrough

The notion of the US President Donald Trump meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has appeared illusory over the past year as tensions over Pyongyang’s growing nuclear and ballistic missile programs have continued to climb. Surprisingly, this has dramatically shifted in recent weeks after a series of inter-Korea meetings […]

Facing A Crisis Of Morale And Financial Pressure, Al-Shabab Intensifies Systematic Abuses

Systematic human rights abuses, proportionate with those committed by the Islamic State, are being committed by al-Shabab militants in Somalia. There are reports of the al-Qaeda-affiliated group extorting huge sums of money from starving villages and forcibly recruiting hundreds of suicide bombers and child soldiers. Despite formerly controlling much of […]

“Everything Is Gone”: Myanmar Bulldozing Rohingya Villages

Satellite images have revealed that the Myanmar Government is bulldozing villages in the Rakhine State in an enormous operation to demolish evidence of human rights abuses against the ethnic Rohingya minority. Human Rights Watch said that at least 55 villages have been erased since late 2017, after nearly 700,000 Rohingya […]

Libya Tawergha Families Barred From Returning Home

Libyan gunman and civilian authorities in the coastal city of Misrata have blocked tens of thousands of people from returning to their hometown of Tawergha, after seven years of forced displacement. Reports of armed groups burning their tents in their makeshift desert camps and threatening families with heavy weapons highlight […]