Charlie Scrimgeour

Technology Is Allowing A New Form Of Development

Until recently, development has predominantly been a top-down affair. Donor countries and NGOs have tended to outsource materials, policy and workers to underdeveloped countries in an attempt to build local capacities, or in other words, what they see as crucial pillars of society necessary for development. Building capacity comes in […]

Shinzo Abe Announces Plans To Amend Japan’s Pacifist Constitution

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has announced his plans in attempting to change Japan’s pacifist constitution, saying he hopes revisions will take place by 2020. Abe hopes to amend the pacifist constitution that has been in place since enacted by American occupiers after World War II. The constitution was enacted […]

Is The Political Climate Surrounding Climate Change Changing?

Last week scientists revealed that two thirds of the Great Barrier Reef have been damaged by ‘unprecedented’ bleaching, a reaction caused by increasing sea temperatures. Bad news about the environment seems to be a constant in our newspapers these days. While actions like the 2016 Paris Agreement, which was hailed […]