Baylee Landymore

About Baylee Landymore

Baylee Landymore is a 5th year Political Science major at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. Her writing and research focuses primarily on human rights, peacebuilding, and structural violence, and she strives to promote a culture of peace through education and nonviolence.

UN Security Council Officially Condemns Israeli Settlements

  The UN Security Council voted in favour of a resolution Friday, which condemned Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territory as a violation of international law.  The 15- member council adopted the resolution with 14 votes in favour, and there was a notable abstention from the United States, who has […]

Death Tolls From Duterte’s War On Drugs On The Rise

  President Duterte’s war on drugs has now surpassed 6,000 casualties, according to Manila-based news website Rappler.  Of that figure, over 2,000 suspected drug suspects were killed in police operations, while nearly 4,000 were killed by unidentified gunmen.  However, many of these unknown perpetrators are being accused of being part […]

Anti-Indian Protests Erupt In Kashmir Following Shootout

  Protests erupted in Kashmir once more this week following a fierce gun battle between Indian security forces and anti-Indian rebels, which killed one civilian and wounded dozens more.  Exchanges of fire between the groups began when gunmen, hiding in southern Arwani, became trapped after Indian police cordoned off parts of […]

“Unless The Water Is Safer Than The Land”

Week after week for the past year, the news has been overrun by the same, repetitive headline: “Refugee Boat Sinks Off European Coast.” While the number of refugees arriving in Greece has fallen significantly since March, there has been unusually high migration flows of people fleeing from Libya, Nigeria, Sudan, […]

Revised Peace Deal Between Colombia And FARC Rebels Not Without Controversy

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and the Colombian government have now agreed upon a new peace deal which brings a symbolic end to 52 years of conflict between state forces and the Marxist group.  The 310 page accord was signed in the capital of Bogota last week by FARC […]

Mass Graves Found Outside Mosul Shed Light On Extent Of ISIL Atrocities

Two mass graves were discovered in Hamam al-Alil by Iraqi security forces this past week, each thought to contain somewhere between 200 and 300 victims of ISIL beheadings and executions.  ISIL began their retreat north to Mosul earlier this month, leaving death and destruction in their wake, as Iraqi forces […]

America Takes To The Streets To Protest Election Results

  Thousands of American people marched through the streets of major cities like New York, Chicago, and Boston all week to protest Tuesday’s election results which appointed Republican nominee Donald J. Trump as the 45th president of the United States. “People are furious not just at the results of the […]

Calais Refugee Camp Dismantled by French Authorities, Leaving Children Stranded

Thousands of refugees were evicted from a Calais refugee camp this past week in what is being called another consequence of Europe’s failing migration policies.  Calais has always been a popular transit spot but has become dangerously overpopulated as the migrant and refugee crisis in Europe continues to grow.  While authorities […]