Anton Rizor

ICC Landmark Ruling: DR Congo Ex-Warlord Guilty Of War Crimes

  Former Congolese rebel leader and Vice President, Jean-Pierre Bemba has been found guilty of war crimes by the International Criminal Court (ICC). The court in The Hague convicted him of several war crimes, including charges of rape and murder. He is expected to appeal the decision and remains in […]

The Dominic Ongwen Case – Setting International Criminal Justice Precedent

Over the past week the world turned, once again, to The Hague, Netherlands, where the International Criminal Court (ICC) completed the charges hearing against Dominic Ongwen. Ongwen is a former commander of the Lord Resistance Army (LRA). Under the command of well-known warlord Joseph Kony, the LRA has committed atrocities […]

Crisis in Kosovo

A few weeks ago I first reported about the growing political crisis in Kosovo. The tiny country in the Balkans started to slide into a state of political instability due to mass protests, by the population and the opposition, about agreements that were supposed to help regulate the tense relationship […]

Kosovo: Opposition Releases Teargas to Stop Agreement; Government Arrests Opposition Leaders

For a brief moment over the past few days, tiny Kosovo has appeared in the international press for its discontent over the European Union’s (EU) decision on visa liberalization and more notably, the story of the Opposition releasing teargas in parliament. On Monday, opposition lawmakers, again, fired off teargas canisters […]