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Student at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada in International Development and Economic Policy

“Kidnapped In Their Own Country” – Venezuelan Protests To Intensify This Week

This past week, Venezuelan protests became increasingly violent. The right-wing opposition leaders called protestors to the street this Wednesday, April 19, and they are pledging that this will be the largest rally yet. They are demanding an election, the ousting of current Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and his judicial allies, […]

The Domino Effect Of Military Aggression: US Establishes Presence In Korean Waters

This past Sunday, a US military carrier diverted to the Western Pacific in light of escalating tensions over North Korea’s recent nuclear weapons testing. US Pacific Command spokesman Dave Benham justified these actions by stating that the ships were “to maintain readiness and presence in the Western Pacific.” Analysts have […]

Islamophobia In The West: Conflict Of Culture

History of ‘othering’ in the West  Xenophobic attitudes have been a cornerstone of foreign policy in the West for hundreds of years. Some scholars have blamed this on simple ignorance fueling prejudice, while others harshly declare it is the implementation of antagonism and aversion to diversity. In 1981, Edward Said […]

Donald Trump’s Statements On Sexual Assault Awareness Month Sparks Controversy

This past Friday, American President Donald Trump recognized April as National Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention month. This initiative has been established since 2001, but only received presidential recognition as of 2009 under President Obama. Trump continued this precedent by issuing a statement reminding Americans that, “women, children, and men […]

Anti-Islamophobia Motion Reveals A Deep Divide In Canada

This past Thursday, the Canadian parliament passed a non-binding motion (M-103) which calls on the government to recognize the “increasing public climate of hate and fear” and calls on them to “condemn Islamophobia and all forms of systemic racism and religious discrimination.” It also asks for the Common Heritage Committee […]

Violent Protests Erupt After The Impeachment Of South Korean President

South Korea was thrown into political turmoil this past Friday after the official impeachment of their president, Park Geun-hye. The constitutional court unanimously agreed to uphold a vote held in parliament last year, ordering her resignation. This is the first time in South Korea’s history a democratically elected president will […]