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About Arthur Jamo

Hailing from the "land of good people" aka Mozambique, I have always considered myself to be a citizen of the world. Trying to live up to that ideal is a challenge I don't intend on shirking from any time soon. When not writing articles for the Organization for World Peace, I tend to split my time through volunteer work, learning Spanish, ardently supporting Real Madrid and completing my degree in Political Science (concentration in International Relations).

Thousands Of Palestinian Prisoners Start Hunger Strike As Israeli Jail Conditions Hit New Low

This past Monday more than a thousand Palestinian political detainees launched a hunger strike across several Israeli prisons. At the heart of the strike, is their collective demand calling for improvements to living conditions for up to 6,500 Palestinian prisoners who are currently being held under detention for a wide […]

Should The African Union Play A Bigger Role In South Sudan?

In the midst of the violence that has plagued South Sudan, one cannot avoid feeling exasperated at the fact that we are witnessing a senseless and largely avoidable humanitarian crisis. Accentuating this situation is the steady flow of refugees, which has contributed to the growth of Bidi Bidi, the world’s […]

Security Council Extends Mandate Of UN Mission In Afghanistan

A UN Security Council resolution has extended the mandate of its mission (known commonly as UNAMA) in Afghanistan until March 17th of next year, whilst calling on the Afghan government, with international support, to tackle the threat posed by extremist groups, such as the Taliban, Al-Qaida, Islamic State, and other groups. […]

Homes And Shops Burned In Anti-Migrant South Africa Attacks

The upturn in the violence that has characterized the past few weeks in major South African cities, namely Johannesburg and the capital Pretoria is, according to observers, extremely worrying as it harkens back to similar (if not more violent) xenophobic incidents of previous years. Police were forced to use tear […]

French Youths Protest Police Brutality, Eight Arrested

Eight protesters have been arrested following an anti-police brutality demonstration at Place de la Nation in Paris, France. The past week has seen an escalation in the number of similar protests (violent and non-violent) across the country in relation to an arrest earlier this month. The arrest involved four officers and […]