Author: Arthur Jamo

Protesters Set Fire To Shrine In Iraq

Iraqi protesters set fire to the entrance of the Hakim shrine—an incident that was cheered and filmed on mobile phones—in the southern holy city of Najaf on Saturday. In response, security forces fired tear gas to disperse the protestors, a move that is sure to lead to more bloodshed. Saturday’s

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Masked Gunmen Open Fire On Protesters In Karbala

On Tuesday, masked gunmen opened fire on Iraqi protesters in the Shia stronghold of Karbala. The incident took place in the city’s Education Square, where protesters had set up tents. According to security officials, the attack—one of the single deadliest attacks on protesters in the current wave of anti-government demonstrations

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North Korea Carries Out Third Missile Test In A Week

In the space of a week, North Korea has conducted its third missile test. The test in question took place on Friday morning, during which two short-range missiles were fired from the country’s South Hamgyong province into the Sea of Japan. The missiles are said to have travelled at a

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Haftar’s Troops Move In On Libyan Capital

According to the head of Libya’s eastern parliament, forces loyal to renegade general Khalifa Haftar are set to move in on Libya’s capital, Tripoli. This announcement, which was made on Sunday, comes after Haftar announced his plan to attack and take the city from the UN-backed Government of National Accord

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Ghanaians Protest Over Expansion Of Defense Cooperation With U.S.

On Wednesday, an estimated 3,500 Ghanaians took to the streets of the capital Accra to protest against Ghana’s expansion of its defense cooperation with the United States—a rare public display of opposition to the growing foreign military presence in West Africa. Demonstrators blowing vuvuzelas and beating drums filled Accra’s business

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Trump Tells Israel Of The Need To Compromise, Amid Accusations Of Pro-Israel Bias Against His Middle East Envoy

This past Friday, U.S. President Donald Trump told Israel that it too would need to make “significant compromises” for peace with the Palestinians. All of this comes amid accusations of pro-Israeli bias against one of his Middle East envoys, US Ambassador David Friedman. Several months after the initial outrage caused

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