Adewale Daniel Omojowo

About Adewale Daniel Omojowo

Mr Adewale Daniel Omojowo is a dedicated researcher in the field environmental economics, sustainable development and climate change. Mr Omojowo has a bachelor degree in Business Administration and Management, and a Master degree in Applied Economics form the University of Yaounde II Soa, Cameroon. After witnessing various social ills going on in world, he decided to fully participate in conflict resolution, environmental problems, climate change and regionale governance. He is currently a correspondent for the Organisation of World Peace and an activist for women and girls empowerment.

South Africa: In Opposition To The Legacy Of Nelson Mandela

For over five years now, Africans have supported the mass killing of their fellow African brothers and sisters. Countries like Angola, Equatorial Guinea, Morocco, Egypt, Sudan, Somalia, and South Africa have been blacklisted by many research experts in homicide and genocide attacks. South Africa, a country that has witnessed one of […]

The Empowerment Of Women And Girls In Sub-Saharan Africa: Evidence Of Gender Equality

The Empowerment of Women And Girls In Sub-Saharan Africa: Evidence Of Gender Equality For a decade now, the central problem surrounding gender inequality and the rights of females in Sub-Saharan Africa has been a major cause of concern for local and international communities. It is not news that the rights […]