Emilio Lanera

Decline of the European Union

Since the beginning of the 20th century, the nations of Europe have engaged in two World Wars, resulting in the destruction of empires, drastic hyperinflation of countries, and the death of millions of innocent people. In an attempt to prevent Europe from engaging in another unnecessary, bloody battle, the French foreign […]

Rohingya Persecution Escalates As Rest Of The World Takes A Back Seat

For decades, the Rohingya people have been victims of brutal attacks, however, a recent report published by the United Nations Human Rights High Office, has revealed that violence and discrimination against the ethnic minority group has reached an all-time high. Since October 2016, when the military enforced a crackdown in […]

South Sudanese Software Programmer Begins Reprogramming Home Country

Despite being the world’s newest nation, South Sudan has had very little to celebrate. Since declaring its independence in 2011, South Sudan has seen 2.4 million people be displaced, more than 50,000 have died, and hundreds of thousands more suffer due to rape and torture. With the goal of asserting […]