Aleksandra Kulesza

Navalny Arrested In One Of The Biggest Protests In Russia

Thousands of people gathered in Moscow and other Russian cities to protest against the corrupt government. During this protest, the biggest since the anti-governmental demonstrations in 2011/12, around 500 people were detained by police. Alexei Navalny, the leader of the opposition and one of the biggest anti-corruption campaigners, was arrested while […]

Hawaiian Demur Against Trump’s Travel Ban

Trump’s controversial travel ban has been under attack since the day it was implemented. Now, on the 8th of March, Hawaii has become the first state to sue the revised version of the ban, on the basis of the violation of the constitution and federal law. Douglas Chin, Hawaii’s Attorney General, […]

Why Does The Civil War In Syria Continue?

The Geneva peace talks on Syria conference started last week and from the very beginning, it was deemed to be unsuccessful. As brutal clashes continue in Syria, the optimism of everyone involved seems to be wavering. Despite a number of attempts at a ceasefire, many peace plans, and foreign interventions, the […]