Justin Raposo

C.A.R. Clashes The Latest In Renewed Violence Across The Republic

At least thirty civilians, including six Red Cross volunteers, have died in the Central African Republic as a result of an outbreak of violence between local self-defence groups and members of the militant group, the Union for Peace in Central Africa. Fighting erupted in the town of Gambo, located 75 […]

Violence In Eastern Saudi Arabia: The Latest Manifestation Of Saudi Totalitarianism

The current political and social climate of the Middle East, that of uncertainty, conflict, distrust and ultimately, fear, is intrinsically tied to continued efforts by the Saudi Arabian administration to maintain their hegemony over the region. Being a government reliant on the maintenance of the current status quo, Saudi rulers […]

Muslim Youth Gather In Istanbul To Support Palestine

Members of student unions and youth organisations from 30 countries assembled in the Turkish city of Istanbul to participate in a two-day conference discussing recent and future developments in the Palestinian territories. Organised by the Turkish-based Anatolian Youth Association, National Youth Foundation and Platform for Youth Movement for Jerusalem and […]