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Adam Gold is a 4th year undergraduate student at the University of British Columbia, studying International Relations and Chinese Language & Culture. His research and writing focus primarily on war & conflict management, international humanitarian law, and European politics.

Turkey Coup: Military Faction Attempts to Take Power from President Erdoğan

  An attempted military coup broke out on Friday in Turkey, sending Ankara into a night of frenzy filled with explosions, air battles, gunfire, Internet blackout, and a fluctuating USD-Lira exchange rate. The Associated Press reports that at least 161 are dead and 1,440 wounded after the democratically elected government has […]

Bahrain Suspends Largest Shia Opposition Group, al-Wefaq

Bahrain suspended the country’s largest Shia opposition group on Tuesday, continuing the gulf kingdom’s relentless crackdown on political dissent since the Arab Spring uprisings in 2011. The Associated Press reports that the Justice and Islamic Affairs Ministry accused al-Wefaq National Islamic Society of creating “a new generation that carries the […]

Mohamed Abdelaziz, Leader of the Frente Polisario, Dies

Mohamed Abdelaziz, secretary-general and co-founder of the Frente Polisario independence movement in the Western Sahara, died on May 31. The group announced his death last Tuesday, attributing it to a long battle with illness. “This is a great loss for the Sahrawi people,” said Frente Polisario official Mohammed Keddad. “He […]

Turkish Government Suspends Immunity Clause Of Constitution

  Turkey’s parliament ratified a bill on Friday that strips legislators of immunity from prosecution by adding a temporary amendment to Article 83 of the Turkish Constitution. The new amendment, which passed with overwhelming support from the Justice and Development Party (AKP) majority government, coincides in a timely matter with […]

Morocco Demands Pullout of UN Staffers from Western Sahara

The United Nations began to pull out 84 international staffers from its mission to the Western Sahara on Sunday, after Morocco demanded for them to leave the territory. The move resembles the Moroccan government’s effort to debase UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon’s latest remarks addressing the territory’s “occupation” by Morocco, and […]

Turkish Government Seizes Zaman Newspaper in Press Crackdown

Turkish authorities seized control of Feza Media Group last week, including Zaman, the country’s largest circulation newspaper. The violent raid, which included riot police firing plastic bullets and tear gas to disperse protesters, resembles another blow to media freedom in Turkey. A Turkish court approved the government takeover of Zaman […]