Daily Archives: October 2, 2018

“Rigged” Election In Russia Draws Attention To The Government’s Corruption

Gubernatorial elections were held in the Primorye district in Eastern Russia, and the improbable victory of a less popular candidate has a number of Russian citizens wondering if the electoral process was tampered with. The Independent reports that in the last one percent of voting precincts to be counted, United […]

Increase in Global Cocaine Production Sheds Light On Larger Problems

Much of the third world faces issues with the production and trafficking of illicit drugs, whether it be opioids, cocaine, marijuana, and beyond. These issues typically stem from problems much bigger than themselves, such as impoverishment and food insecurity throughout parts of the world. According to the United Nations, Colombia […]

Europe Not Living Up To Its Own Human Rights Standards

The perilous Mediterranean crossing between North Africa and Europe has been without NGO search and rescue ships since August 26. Anti-migration policies put forward by the Italian and Maltese governments have succeeded in frustrating the efforts of NGO workers and restricting the number of rescue vessels in the Central Mediterranean […]