Daily Archives: September 12, 2018

Reuters Reporters Sentenced: A “Hammer Blow” Against Media Freedom And Myanmar’s Transition To Democracy

On Monday September 3, two Reuters journalists were found guilty of breaching a law on state secrets in Myanmar during their reporting of a massacre of Rohingya men. The case, which has sparked international outcry, no longer affects simply the two journalists involved, but has become a symbol for the state of Myanmar’s transition to democracy and press freedom.

Controversy Surrounding Internment Of Bangladeshis Photojournalist

Since Bangladeshi photojournalist, Shahidul Alam, was detained by authorities in early-August there has been a groundswell of public support pushing for his release. He has been known to be an outspoken critic of many aspects of the government of Bangladesh. Despite this tendency to speak out about what he sees […]

The Case for Class-Based Affirmative Action: An Investigation of Harvard’s Use of Race in College Admissions

Last Thursday, the Justice Department voiced its support for students suing Harvard University over discrimination against Asian American applicants through affirmative action policies. Through a statement of interest, the Justice Department supported the claims of the plaintiffs, a group of Asian Americans rejected from Harvard. In the statement, the Department […]

China’s Growing Navy Poses A Threat To The U.S.

China’s navy has received renewed attention as its growth begins to challenge U.S. military hegemony within the Pacific Ocean. The uncertainty surrounding how this will affect future relations between China and the U.S. remains unknown and worrisome. As an established economic superpower, China is now moving to become one of […]