Daily Archives: August 30, 2018

The Neo-Nazi Dilemma

Currently, more people than ever are migrating, being displaced, or left stateless. As a result, trends surrounding the European migration crisis and various other movements have arisen. Unfortunately, through the increased presence of various cultural, ethnic, and religious groups, there has been a drastic increase in xenophobic opinions presented within communities. […]

Iran Unveils New Fighter Jet As Tensions With America Increase

Iran released a brand new, domestically built fighter jet to celebrate National Defense Industry Day this year. The jet named ‘Kowsar’ represents the first ‘flyable’ military aircraft built entirely in Iran, using solely Iranian parts and intelligence. This forward move in Iranian defense represents an effort to increase military prowess […]

China Uighurs: Modern Day Genocide 1

In China’s northwestern province of Xinjiang resides the majority of the country’s Uighur population. One of China’s Muslim ethnic minority groups, the Uighurs make up approximately 45% of the population of Xinjiang province. For months, there have been speculations that the Chinese government has been illegally and inhumanely detaining tens […]

Women Rally For Equal Rights In The Face Of Nepalese Citizenship Bill

Protests are taking place in Kathmandu over a Nepali Citizenship Bill being debated in Parliament. Over 70 legislators have so far registered amendment proposals in Parliament, the core of which relate to constitutional provisions over citizenship and in particular the requirement for women to prove that the father of their […]