Daily Archives: August 21, 2018

Afghan City Suffers Surprise Four-Day Taliban Attack

On 13 August the Taliban launched a four-day surprise attack on Ghazni, a city in southern Afghanistan. The Associated Press reported that hundreds have fled to escape the fighting, leaving the city streets bare. Contradictory reporting has illustrated two drastically different images of the city: one where the Taliban roams […]

An Emperor Of Peace Leaves A Legacy

This past week has marked an important peaceful event for countries affected by World War II.  August 15, 1945 is when then-ruler of Japan Emperor Hirohito announced via the radio that the country was surrendering its position in the war. This announcement signalled the end of the Second World War […]

More Innocent Civilians Killed As Yemen’s Civil War Rages On

The ongoing Yemeni Civil War, which has been raging for the last three years, has recently seen one of its worst instances of civilian violence.  On Thursday, August 9th, the Saudi-led coalition launched an airstrike that killed approximately fifty people, twenty-nine of which were children in a school bus that […]

Anti-Government Protests In Romania Draw Tens Of Thousands To Bucharest Streets

Anti-government protests in the Romanian capital Bucharest, and several other cities across the country, continued for the second consecutive day even after 400 people were injured in Friday’s first round of protests, after violent clashes between peaceful protesters and riot police, who fired tear gas, pepper spray, and a water […]

China’s Youth On The Internet: The Duality Of Apathy And Rage

Though heated debates rage in the United States over the freedom of the internet–from Twitter’s reluctance to ban Neo-Nazi content to Facebook removing Alex Jones’ profile–in China there is relative quiet. The Great Firewall established under China’s Communist Party (CCP) and regulated by the propaganda department bubbles the nation to […]

“No One Can Obliterate Taiwan’s Existence” Businesses Caught In The Crossfire As Tensions Rise

An event that would be seen as routine in most other circumstances; a democratically elected foreign leader giving a speech in a short visit to the United States, has sparked a furore amongst governments and internet users alike. The element that makes this recent incident remarkable is that it is […]