Daily Archives: June 19, 2018

The Role Of Youth In Peace And Conflict In Africa

On December 9th, 2015, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) adopted one of the most ground-breaking resolutions in its history; UNSCR 2250 (2015) recognized the need for youths to play an “important and positive role in the maintenance and promotion of international peace security.” UNSCR resolution 2250 identified five key […]

Ethiopia’s Acceptance Of 2000 Peace Accord May Bring Peace To Eritrea

The governing party of Ethiopia announced last Tuesday that it would “fully accept and implement” the 2000 Algiers Peace Accord with Eritrea. The agreement was initially brokered following the 1998-2000 war over border disputes. Ethiopia’s decision to comply with the terms of the accord as well as its acceptance of […]

Blockchain, Syria And The Future

With the rise of cryptocurrencies and blockchain communities, developments have been made to address a variety of complex social issues in our current global sphere. More recently, the United Nations has collaborated with the World Food Organisation and Eye pay. In early March 2018, this network has successfully introduced a […]