Daily Archives: November 21, 2017

More Than 60 Civilians Killed In Airstrike On Syrian Market While De-Escalation Brokers Remain Silent

On Monday November 13, airstrikes on a market in a northern Syrian town and “de-escalation zone” have killed an estimated 61 people. Market-goers were crushed under the wreckage or blown apart by the explosion. At least three airstrikes targeted Atareb, a small town on the periphery of Aleppo swollen with […]

Off The Grid: The Rising Economic Effects Of Puerto Rico’s Electricity Outage

The effects of Hurricane Maria continue to be felt two months after the hurricane first made landfall in Puerto Rico, as thousands struggle to survive in an economy that cannot sustain without electricity and other basic services. With 80 percent of Puerto Rico’s power lines knocked out in the hurricane, […]

Russia Vetoes Continued Chemical Weapons Investigation In Syria: Security Council Too Politicized To Respond To War Crimes

Russia has cast its second veto at the UN Security Council in two days, blocking the continued investigation of chemical weapon use by its ally Syria. This decision illustrates the partisan nature of the Security Council, which should not be used as the decision-making mechanism where chemical weapons are involved. […]