Daily Archives: October 24, 2017

Human Rights Lawyers Arrested In Tanzania While Consulting With HIV Positive Patients

On the 17th October, a group of human rights lawyers and activists were arrested for ‘promoting homosexuality’ while consulting with clients in relation to Tanzania’s HIV legislation. The meeting planned to discuss recourse to the government’s ban of critical services for HIV positive patients, including privately run HIV outreach centres […]

Climate Change And The Refugee Crisis: The Likelihood Of Increased Climate Migration

In 2016, military leaders specifically addressed the impact of climate change on conflict and migration, “Climate change is the greatest security threat of the 21st century […] We’re going to see refugee problems on an unimaginable scale, potentially above 30 million people,” stated by Gen Munir Muniruzzaman, chairman of the […]

Jihadi Violence Makes Inroads In Burkina Faso Amid Social Unrest

While the international community cheers the rapid contraction of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, jihad movements continue to make inroads in the oft-forgotten West African region. Burkina Faso, one of the poorest and least developed countries in the world, has, remarkably, been largely spared from terrorism in past […]

Zimbabwe President Mugabe’s WHO Appointment Triggered Widespread Outrage

Recently, the WHO appointed Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe as a goodwill ambassador. The Director-General of the UN health agency, Tedros Ghebreyesus, asked Mugabe to help tackle non-communicable disease like heart attacks and asthma across Africa. However, this decision has attracted global criticism and outrage. Members of WHO have expressed confusion […]

Secret Mass Trials in Nigeria

Since the beginning of October (2017), Nigerian courts have begun a series of mass trials of suspected Islamic terrorists, approximately 2,300 in total. All suspects are thought to be linked to the terrorist organization of Boko Haram, which has been violently operating in Nigeria for the last decade. Boko Haram, […]

China Punishes Human Rights Activists

A United Nations panel has demanded that China release and compensate three activists that have been punished for promoting human rights. In fact, this follows a nationwide crackdown in China on human rights activists, which was initiated by President Xi Jinping in 2015. As a result,  around 250 people were […]