Daily Archives: July 10, 2017

Jordan, Russia, And The U.S. Secure A Peace Deal For Syria’s Southwest

Russia, the U.S. and Jordan have reached a trilateral ceasefire agreement in Syria’s southwestern region, the BBC reports. The ceasefire comes at a crucial time in Syria’s six-year long civil war, as the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) continue their U.S.-backed campaign to clear the Islamic State (IS) from its […]

Cautious Optimism At The G20: Possible Russian-American Détente And Cooperation In Syria

The long awaited meeting between the leaders of the world’s two preeminent nuclear-armed superpowers, Russia and the United States of America, has finally happened after a painstaking few months of collective western hysteria and fear at the mere possibility of it happening. By all accounts the G20 meeting on the […]

Defending Human Rights Is Not A Crime: Activists Detained By Turkish Government

Last week, eight human rights activists were detained without cause while attending a digital security and information management workshop at a hotel in Buyuada, Turkey, as a result of a raid conducted by security forces. These activists were all relatively high profile, and the group included members of Women’s Coalition; […]