Daily Archives: July 9, 2017

Trump’s Use Of Twitter In The Current Political Landscape

Social media has become a cornerstone for many companies and political figures in the current decade, and it is hard to know who actually runs the Twitter accounts of notable figures such as Obama and Trump. The United States President Donald Trump is a frequent and popular user of Twitter, so much so that news organizations quote his tweets in the same manner as official statements.

Kurdish Fight for Independence

“This problem is not one that can be solved purely by security measures. It requires all political parties, NGOs and all sections of society to act responsibly together in harmony.” Cemil CicekSpeaker of the Parliament of Turkey Overview The Kurds are a group of stateless people, united by race, living […]

Multi-Nation Response To North Korean Missile Testing

On Saturday, July 8, 2017, two United States bombers were flown out to the Korean Peninsula to join South Korean and Japanese fighters to partake in a joint-training mission. This practice bombing run is in response to North Korea’s recent claim of a successful intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) test, as […]