Daily Archives: May 14, 2017

Artillery Shelling Kills Four Civilians In Eastern Ukraine

Four civilians have been killed by artillery shelling in the eastern Ukrainian town of Avdiyivka on Saturday, May 13th. Ukrainian officials blamed pro-Russian separatists for the deaths. Furthermore, a statement by Pavlo Zhebrivsky, the Ukrainian Governor of the Donetsk region, claimed that the shell hit a private house and “three […]

Germany Sets New World Record As 85% Of Their Total Energy Needs Are Powered By Clean Energy

Late last month, Germany set a new world record by utilizing approximately only 15% of its energy from coal and nuclear power; the rest of this industrial and economic powerhouse was completely powered by clean renewable energy alternatives from wind, biomass, hydropower, and solar energy. Germany’s success story marks a huge […]

South Korea Scraps Rewrite Of History Books

In 2015, the South Korean government, under Park Guen-Hye, pushed to issue compulsory state-authored history textbooks in schools. This occurred after the Ministry of Education called for a revision of Korean history textbooks in 2013. Park’s father, Park Chung-Hee introduced state-issued textbooks in 1973, but by 2003, the use of […]

Democracy In The Era Of Trump: The Demise Of The Free Press

Public News Service journalist, Daniel Heyman, was arrested this week when he attempted to question Tom Price, the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS), about the American Health Care Act (AHCA) at the West Virginia State Capitol. On Tuesday, Price and senior White House aide, Kellyanne Conway, paid a […]

The Expansion Of Oil Extraction Versus The Indigenous Amazonians

A human rights publication, Intercontinental Cry reported that on May 11th, thousands of Amazonian indigenous people marched through the streets of South America, including Ecuador, Peru, and Brazil to protest against the expansion of oil extraction in the Amazon. As oil blocks often consist of regions that are home to […]