Daily Archives: March 28, 2017

Combative Approaches To Conflicts Are Killing Civilians

A massive airstrike launched by the U.S. in a Mosul neighborhood on Friday, March 17 has killed at least 200 civilians. Although it has been questioned whether the U.S. launched the airstrikes in Mosul, American spokespeople have not denied that the U.S. did indeed launch them. The Americans say they […]

Egyptian-Saudi Relations Further Strained By Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

Tensions between Saudi Arabia and Egypt have been rising since the outbreak of conflict in Syria, with Egypt supporting the Syrian state and Saudi Arabia calling for the removal of Bashar Al-Assad. Tensions continue to mount as Saudi Arabia is looking to invest in the construction of the Grand Ethiopian […]

Bangladeshi Assault: Two Militants Dead And The Standoff Fails To End

On Sunday in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Bangladeshi troops assaulted an apartment house in the northeastern city of Sylhet, killing two of the militants in the building. The troops attacked using tear gas, firing bullets, and used armored vehicles in an attempt to flush out the militants holed up in the building. […]