Daily Archives: March 8, 2017

THAAD Deployment And Reaction From China

In recent news, the Terminal High Altitude Area Defence (THAAD) issue between the United States, South Korea, and China becomes a growing topic of international debate. According to the U.S., the THAAD system is established to protect against growing missile threats from North Korea; however, to China, THAAD is a threat in […]

Russia, China Veto UN Resolution Against Syria For Alleged Use Of Chemical Weapons

The UN Security Council voted this Tuesday on a draft resolution to impose sanctions on Syria for the alleged use of chemical weapons. The resolution received nine votes in favour, with Egypt, Ethiopia, and Kazakhstan abstaining and Russia, China, and Bolivia opposing. Given China and Russia’s veto power, the resolution […]

Sweden Welcomes Refugees; Crime Rate Simultaneously Rises

Sweden’s growing immigrant and refugee population from Muslim countries is believed by Trump and his supporters to be the cause of the country’s simultaneous increase in crime. The prejudices and negative attitudes towards Muslim’s continue to grow. Sweden, one of the worlds humanitarian leaders, has forever worked to shelter refugees. […]

Information, Propaganda, And Conflict In The Digital Age

When one thinks about the use of the internet in international conflict, one invariably thinks of cyberwar: the use of computer viruses and malware to disrupt and even destroy national critical infrastructure in order to cripple a state in preparation for a more conventional, physical attack. However, missing from much of the […]