Daily Archives: February 12, 2017

Israel Approves Controversial Settlement Expansion Bill, The ‘Regulation Bill’

On February 6th the Israeli Knesset voted 60 to 52 in favor of a controversial settlement expansion bill, which retroactively legalizes Israeli informal settlements located on privately owned Palestinian land in the West Bank. If the “Regulation Bill” is approved, it will retroactively legalize 55 outposts by turning them into […]

Hadrian’s Wall, The Great Wall Of China, The Berlin Wall, And Now Trump’s Mexican Wall: Protection At The Cost Of Isolation

As the agricultural revolution swept across Eurasia some 10,000 years ago, humans developed the first defensive walls to help secure their goods, and prevent invaders from entering their cities. Walls have also been used to enclose regions and mark territory. According to Donald Trump, a wall is still good enough […]