Daily Archives: January 15, 2017

Statehood Day Dividing Bosnia-Herzegovina

The President of the Republic of Serbia (RS), Milorad Dodik, has followed the ruling of a referendum held in late September of last year, supporting the celebration of Statehood Day on the 9th of January. Statehood Day is a Serbian Orthodox religious holiday (the day of St. Stephen, patron saint […]

Iraqi Military Retakes Mosul University Complex From The Islamic State

Iraqi government special forces have successfully wrested Mosul University from Islamic State (IS) control, a significant victory in the push to expel the group from their last stronghold in the country. The university facilities were initially seized by IS in 2014 and the walled compound has since served as a […]

A Divided Island: Cyprus A Step Closer To Reunification

Peace talks between Greek and Turkish Cypriot sides indicate that the 40-year conflict is drawing closer to an end. Geneva is the backdrop for the negotiations, reports The Guardian. The Swiss diplomatic hub is “psychologically less charged” than Cyprus, ideal for navigating land swaps and the dilemmas of an ethnic divide that has, for a […]