Daily Archives: December 4, 2016

“Unless The Water Is Safer Than The Land”

Week after week for the past year, the news has been overrun by the same, repetitive headline: “Refugee Boat Sinks Off European Coast.” While the number of refugees arriving in Greece has fallen significantly since March, there has been unusually high migration flows of people fleeing from Libya, Nigeria, Sudan, […]

Weapons Divestment: A Short Profile On Universities That Have Divested From Arms Manufacture

Universities are typically seen as beacons of learning and enlightenment, a place where dialogue and knowledge trump violence and hatred. Anti-war and civil rights movements have often been spearheaded by universities. The boycott movement against South Africa, adopted by many universities, is credited with being a factor in ending apartheid […]

Withdrawal Threats From The ICC And Its Problems To Finding Solutions To International Crimes

Russia’s withdrawal from the International Criminal Court (ICC) left the ICC supporting nations in plea for unification within the courts. This stemmed from the aftermath of withdrawals of South Africa, Burundi, and Gambia from the ICC. The three African nations criticized the ICC for ignoring other crises around the world […]